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US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage Uniform
  • How much does it cost?
    Because of our experience and efficiency, we are the most reasonably priced for the quality of work we do and how quick we get it done. A complete CIF/IIF/TA-50 issue costs approximately $180 for standard cleaning but we do charge by the item, so it would be less with fewer items. Others claim that they clean an entire gear issue for less but when you see what they actually clean, most do not actually clean all issued gear.
  • What's the turn around time?
    Standard turn around time is 2-3 business days, but we do offer expedited services. If you need a quicker turn around time, just let us know and we can most likely accommodate your timing need. Others' standard turn around time, on average is double ours and they charge more than double the cleaning fee for expedited turn around time. We never charge more than $40 for expedited turn around time.
  • Do you accept cards?
    Yes, we accept all forms of payment including American Express and money transfer apps. Not a problem. We also allow refunds on gear you bought if you no longer need it or it is the wrong item, compared to ALL the surplus stores where all sales are final.
  • Are appointments required?
    No, appointments are not necessary. We are happy to help walk-ins the same.
  • What do we clean?
    We clean EVERYTHING except sapi plates. You do not need to do anything to your gear, just bring it as-is. We do everything including disassembling, unmollying, removing tape, tape adhesive, wire tags, etc. As far as we know, no other company actually cleans an entire standard CIF issue.
  • Do we buy or sell CIF/IIF/TA-50 gear?
    Absolutely! We buy and sell most anything CIF issued and we sell the gear for A LOT cheaper than anywhere else; many items are half the cost than anywhere else. We also allow refunds. All other surplus stores do not allow refunds. We specialize in hard to find items, too, such as Wiley X Vapors, aka eye pros, the flak removable belt, gas mask face forms, and, sometimes, the ever elusive nape pad. While we primarily deal with CIF gear, if you're looking for tactical gear, BDS Tactical has amazing high-speed, low drag gear. Find them at:
  • I only have a few items I need cleaned. Is there a minimum requirement?
    No, we have no minimum requirements. In fact, since we sell gear, if we have the items that you need cleaned in stock, if you preferred, we could swap out our clean gear with your dirty gear and just charge you the cleaning fee. This way you don't have to make another trip out to us, saving you time and money.
  • I'm in my cammies and don't have a change of clothes. What are my options?
    Being in cammies usually is not a problem. We would be happy to go out to you. We do it all the time.
  • I have the wrong gas mask size. Are you able to help me?
    Yes. We offer a gas mask exchange program where we will trade out the size you need, if available, for the one you have for a small fee. This way you don't have to fill out a DD200 (FLIPPO) or buy a new one.
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