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Army Soldiers

99% Pass-On-First-Try Rate
No Appointment Necessary

We offer so much more than just military gear (CIF gear & TA-50 gear) cleaning; we offer solutions. Veteran-owned and operated and staffed with former CIF employees, we know how to get the job done on the first try. Our guiding principle is to provide a much needed service at a fair price. You can see this in everything we do from our operations, pricing, and policies. We have grown to three locations now because of the excellent work and service we provide for you.


As Marine and Army veterans and former CIF employees, we know the hassle of checking in gear. No Marine, Sailor, or Soldier wants to worry about passing gear inspection at the end of their enlistment. That's where we come in - we get your gear all clear for turn-in. We offer convenient, no-hassle CIF/IIF/TA50 gear cleaning services guaranteed to pass inspection.


From Oceanside, CA where we started to Jacksonville, NC & now proudly in Killeen, TX, we believe in providing a much needed service at a reasonable price. As veterans, that's what we are about.  

CIF gear check-in process
CIF cleaner employee cleaning a dump pouch. Getting the gear ready for all clear for CIF turn in

When we started CIF Cleaning Services & Sales, LLC 6 years ago, our guiding principle was to provide a much needed service at a fair price. You can see this in everything we do from our operations, pricing, and policies. Everything we do is with you in mind. In fact, we only started selling CIF gear after learning how expensive other surplus stores were (and they don't offer refunds, whereas we do). Most everything we sell is for less than half than anywhere else and we focus on finding hard to get items like the black mesh bag, sternum cinch strap, & the PC removable belt.

Recently, we teamed up with Luke & his outstanding staff at One Thief Surplus or  One Thief Surplus is committed in helping us get you CIF gear at fair prices.


Our teams are made up of veterans and former CIF employees, so we know what it takes to pass on the first try.

What We Offer

A clean set of TA-50 army gear so that it's all clear gear to pass inspection

CIF/IIF/TA-50 Gear Cleaning

The original, best, fastest, & cheapest in the industry, we clean all military field gear for CIF turn-in for the Marine Corps, Navy, and Army; we do it all. We also clean personal or tactical gear. Just let us know & we can get it done.

Nape pad, eye pro, Wiley X Vapors, gas mask face form, goggles, poly pro top, cold weather top, poly pro bottoms, cold weather bottoms, grid fleece top, waffle top, grid fleece bottoms, waffle bottoms, IFAK, TQ carriers, tourniquet pouch or carriers, flak removable belt.

Gear Sales

We buy used CIF/IIF/TA-50 gear. We also have a large inventory of used gear for sale at very cheap prices and we focus on hard to get or high demand items. Some examples are the Wiley X Vapors (eye pros), the removable belt for the flak, and the ever elusive nape pad. Just give us a call to find out what we have in stock.

Employee giving a Marine customer advice on his gas mask and damaged gear

Former CIF Employee Expert Advice

We have experience with the CIF return process. We are able to do inventory checks for you. We can let you know what items do need to be returned as well as the ones that do not. We can advise you whether CIF will accept your damaged gear.



Funny as it may sound, while we don't really offer "miracles," you might be surprised at what we can do. Between our 3 locations & our creative thinking, the possibilities are great. Click on the link below to let us know what you need & we will try our best to meet your needs.

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