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Exceptional Service

When we started CIF Cleaning Services & Sales, LLC 5 years ago, our guiding principle was to provide a much needed service at a fair price. You can see this in everything we do from our operations, pricing, and policies. Everything we do is with our military men & women in mind.

In fact, we don't measure success by our profit margins but by how many satisfied men and women we serve by passing CIF turn-in

Our teams are made up of veterans and former CIF employees, so we know what it takes to pass on the first try.



Who Are We?

As Marine and Army veterans and former Consolidated Issue Facility (CIF) employee, we know the hassle of checking in gear. The last thing any Marine, Sailor, or Soldier wants to worry about is passing gear inspection on their way out. That's where we come in. We offer convenient, no-hassle CIF gear cleaning services guaranteed to pass inspection.


From Oceanside, CA where we started to Jacksonville, NC & now proudly in Killeen, TX, we believe in providing a much needed service at a reasonable price. As veterans, that's what we are about.  


What We Do

We do only one thing - clean your CIF gear so that you pass. Our promise to you is to use the same cleaning process that has passed all our customers so far.

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